1600 Marshall St NE, Suite 1
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Dauntless Air Hangar

Renovated for Dauntless Air’s new twin city maintenance hanger for their famous Fire Boss airplanes. Hangar #5 at Flemming airfield in St. Paul was a tenant renovation project which consisted of the demolition of the existing offices and the construction of the new Dauntless Air offices. 

The project scope includes new offices, break room, storage room, shower, restroom, and  restoration of the existing north hangar door. The project challenge involved configuring the new offices with all the amenities needed for the staff without jeopardizing the necessary space required to provide maintain for their fleet of Fire Boss airplanes. 

The offices are equipped with brand new HVAC system, plumbing, and telecommunication and data systems. 3-D modeling and rendering was used to facilitate design intentions with the owner which was adjusted throughout the process to meet and exceed their expectations. 

St. Paul, MN
Project Type:
  • Commercial
  • Renovation

Team Lead

Drew Wolf, Assoc. AIA

(612) 331-2222
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